Our main activities are trading, procuring and marketing all oil, gas and petroleum products required and produced by our Middle Eastern oil, gas and petroleum customer. We represent one of the largest national Oil, Gas and Petroleum Company in the Middle East to undertake the responsibilities to sourcing and purchasing oil & gas equipment and subsequently to market oil, gas & petroleum products for the ASEAN region that constitutes ten (10) regional countries with a huge market potential.

Petro Commercial Services Sdn Bhd helps to facilitate our customer to procure or purchase all related oil and gas equipment and machinery from Malaysia and/or any third country to support their oil & gas production activities to ensure an efficient production of oil & gas for the world market.

Petro Commercial Services Sdn Bhd shall be a key partner in ensuring that oil and gas supply to the ASEAN region and the Asia pacific is efficient and cost effective by utilizing Malaysia's potential in its logistical and distribution channel, and its commercial and financial facilities.

To become the leading Global Trading, Procurement and Marketing Company in Oil, Gas and Petroleum Products in Asia Pacific Region.

We are committed to achieve our vision by:

Striving to develop and offer our stakeholders the best trading services and products with the highest regard for value.
Providing premium quality procurement and marketing activities to our customer at competitive price.
Optimizing and fostering long term sustainable development activities to our stake holders.

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